ADDIE Model for Blended Learning Design

I decided to create a visual representation rather than writing a text-based post for TOPIC 4 of ONL. I have used ADDIE model for course design for around three years and this flowchart represents how I have used it in practice.


[Text in purple are methods and templates to communicate the elements written in black.]

Some key insights for Blended Learning Design:
◉ A good design begins with good analysis

◉ Pedagogy is the foundation of design

◉ Design vs. Development (Sustainability/Flexibility-Innovation) – Easy to adopt or adapt

◉ Link between F2F and online components (refer and build upon both during moderating tasks)

◉ Use of collaborative tools

◉ Importance of prototyping (templates)

◉ Pro-activeness for each role in the team (collaborative learning starts with collaborative design by a collaborative team of course designers)

◉ Role of conversations and peer-feedback while designing course – Design Buddy!


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